MOD6 Direct Port System

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Perfect your octane delivery and put racing gasoline expense behind you. Mist distribution is guaranteed so that no cylinder is overloaded or underserved. Tuning is simplified and fluid consumption is reduced.

The MOD6 Direct Port System is easily expanded. However, a basic six cylinder arrangement is provided in a convenient package. That consists of a pair of three port sections (with push connect fittings) and a 40-micron filter section between end cap sections. The far end cap,  is sealed by a removable brass plug. The feed end is set up with a solenoid and choice of straight or tee-fitting.

USRT modular direct port 6 port

The most popular six cylinder configuration is the "6PLUS1" configuration with one nozzle per cylinder plus another placed after the intercooler for air temperature reduction. Advanced builders have even more options: Spray into the compressor to increase peak air flow or right after it to drop intake back pressure and avoid intercooler heat soak.

Nozzles are exclusive and proprietary to USRT with the industry's smallest orifice size at a mere 125 microns (.125mm). The polymer lines work directly with the same quick-disconnect fittings type used elsewhere in all kits. Combine with the tunable AEM FAILSAFE Device to maximize benefits. Spike your brew with nitromethane for instant and safe power gains while you're at it!

Nozzles flow 30 or 50cc at 60psi. These are the smallest and best atomizing nozzles available on the market.

Kit Includes:
6x nozzles

6x nozzle holders
2x modular end caps (w/single plug)
3x port sections
1x modular 40-micron filter
1x solenoid
1x straight feed fitting

4x (feet) black High-Pressure Line

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  • Model: WAIDPMOD6
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  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team


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