034 EFI Standalone

These are some of the most affordable, more powerful, simple to tune standalone engine management systems on the market today. There are more powerful options for 2-3x the cost, crude systems with far less tuning potential, and significantly more complicated to tune systems with much less ability. 034EFI systems have been created to meet the balance in all these areas. By far, the greatest values to VW/Audi enthusiasts are unrivaled support and fully-integrated packages. We save you money and eliminate frustration all around.

Most 034EFI tuning is done in 3 main screens using our intuitive windows based software interface. Given our software's pop-up tips, our in-depth tuning manuals, helpful forums and tech support, you will have your questions answered with a minmum of effort on your part.

Virtual Dashboard Basic Mapping Configuration Screen

"I've been around the 1.8t tuning scene for some time now. I loved the simplicity of chip tuning. However, after messing with chips and cookie cutter software for a few years and a few destroyed 1.8t blocks, I decided to take the plunge and start shopping for a nice but simple standalone engine management solution.

Chip tuning was never consistent, and the factory engine management system had way to much input to operate under safe perameters while trying to produce 400 whp. I wanted to have control over my timing and fueling, I wanted to program my own maps and set my fueling and timing to what ever I considered a safe standard. I just flat out don't trust the factory engine management system.

After searching and searching and searching, 034efi was brought to my attention from a few memebers. After speaking with Javad on the phone and through email, I decided to go ahead with the 034efi system. Javad was a very customer service friendly individual, I liked the integrated map sensor, and most of all is the fact that you can utilize all of the bosch/motronic factory sensors!

Installation was a breeze. The simplicity of the installation and tuning is a very attractive portion of the 034efi system -not to mention the amazing customer service."

-Steve Soeder
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