PeaceKeeper HDS

  • Model: PEACEKPR
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team


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Eliminate heat soak problems with the PeaceKeeper Heat Defense System. Tune more aggressively.

Unlike water/methanol injection, this kit cools an intercooler via evaporation from the outside. It differs from cryo (i.e. "freezing gas") spray in that it eliminates heat build up over time vs. intervening briefly at the last second. This makes it valuable for hard street, rally, and some roadcourse work vs. drag strip duty.

USRT peacekeeper intercooler spray Audi B5 S4
Audi S4 (B5) applicationwith pump mounted to back of Core with supplied 'zip" fasteners.

While under boost, an intercooler functions mostly as a heatsink. Intake air raises core temperature faster than the core can radiate it back into the atmosphere. Heat steadly "soaks" the core and reduces intercooling in the process. After a point, the intercooler stops cooling the air completely. IATs soar, and performance drops. PeaceKeeper steps up your game with a plumbing package designed for distilled water (summer), windshield washer fluid (all season), or typical 50/50 water/meth injection brew (winter).

Note: There is no reason to pulsewidth modulate this pump. On/off actuation (at full pressure) is best for atomization. Use a controller like the Cortex or Torqbyte for intelligent switching depending on variables like gear, intake temperature, TPS, etc. Or, just keep it really simple with a Boost Trigga.

An OEM side mount intercooler might be best served with one spray head and up to four nozzles. Whereas, a front mount with large frontal area could be configured with two spray heads. Very high horsepower rally/road cars can take three spray heads with all four nozzle positions firing. Spray heads can be attached directly to the core as shown. Or, for greater coverage area and faster air temperature drop, they may be mounted remotely.

Each spray head holds up to four high-atomization nozzles. Angles are optimized for wide distribution across core surface area.

USRT SmartSpray intercooler temperature

Results from 350hp 1.8T with front mount intercooler and two spray heads. Test involved multiple heat cycles at 30 - 65mph average road speeds.

Each PeaceKeeper kit comes complete with a pump, check valve, spray nozzles, flexible hose, tank tap fitting, and basic wiring. Switching it is up to you. We suggest a Boost Trigga, if you anticipate periodic heavy boost with brief cooling intervals. For the ultimate in automated precision, combine with the incredible Cortex EBC!


VW Volkswagen USRT Peacekeeper Defense System IC misting heat soak

With the Cortex EBC controlling the PeaceKeeper, USRT uses the following control scheme:
Trigger IC spray when...
A) only at moderate to high boost (because that's when the core will heat up),
B ) when not in 1st gear (no point when creeping in traffic),
C) when not in 6th gear (not a performance gear and road speed/airflow will be high),
D) above 5mph (because at a stand still there's no air flow at all),
E) not above 50mph in any gear (because airflow is sufficient to cool by itself)


Watch the guys hack a crude system together and get massive results. PeaceKeeper is competition grade.

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