Boost Cooler Stage 3 (2.0l 8VT, 1.8T, VR6)

The Stage 3 Boost Cooler® offers great accuracy and adjustability with a simple digital interface.This system can be used on all VW/Audi EFI engines except those with direct injection. An easy to read LCD display and interface makes on-the-fly adjustment a breeze.

Extremely simple to set up and dial in, the software creates a delivery map based on boost pressure (up to 4.5bar/65psi), injector duty cycle, or  blend of both signals -all via set points the driver punches in while seated. We recommend that initial tuning be done on boost pressure alone. Then, fine tune via trimming by duty cycle. Engines with fast-spooling turbos are well served with a 50/50 MAP/IDC scheme whereas those with bigger/laggier  chargers could go with a 70/30 bias. In any case, the amount of spray delivered is a more exact match to the engine's load state. This allows the tuner to more safely ride the razor's edge. -to generate more power with greater safety and to also decrease overall fluid consumption.

The LCD screen also functions as a guage with full display of boost pressure, fuel injector duty cycle, and water-methanol injection amount. Low profile design allows for discrete mounting in line of eye site or tucked away in a glove box, etc. Also see our plug n' play Tap Harness kit that makes duty cycle a cinch to pick up.

Kit includes:

  • UHO (Ultra High Output) pump
  • 3 quart reservoir
  • LCD Screen, pushbutton digital variable mapping controller
  • 2 Nozzles to support a wide range of horsepower
  • 10 feet high-pressure tubing (1200psi burst)
  • Comprehensive Instructions
  • All required hardware needed for installation

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Starting at: $699.00

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  • Model: SPS3/310
  • Manufactured by: Snow Performance

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