Sandwich Bung (nozzle mounting adapter)

Need a way to mount your water/meth nozzle into a soft silicone rubber coupler? Go with the newest generation of our famous "Sandwich Bungs". Precision threads and robust construction make the piece durable and easy to work with.

Simply drill a hole using a spade bit, insert the inner adapter piece from the inside, and crank the the nut down from the top. Metal tube applications can use our weld-on bung available in steel or aluminum. Threads are standard 1/8" NPT and fit all popular nozzle variants.

A conical outlet hole avoids any spray pattern shrouding from short format nozzles.

USRT sandwich bung for water meth nozzles

Vortex generators(!) create turbulence and swirl to better homogenize mist droplets with the air and to avoid wall wetting (common when smooth air flow is maintained). This is especially valuable when spraying in the middle of a moderate bend.

USRT sandwich bung for water meth nozzle mounting

Matte finish increases the effect for more incremental gains.

USRT WMI nozzle mounting adapter (sandwich bung)
These parts are 3D printed in PETG with carbon fiber reinforcement. Textured gripping surfaces maximize holding strength for security.

Installation is done exactly like previous variants. Mild plastic locking fluid is advised. Heavy torque is not. Nor are couplers that are so small that they will not conform to the bung's shape. Ridges and corrugations can also pose mounting issues.

USRT sandwich bung vs competitor's

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